About G6 Materials Corp.

  • Existing revenues from graphene-based products
  • Fortune 500 customers, as well as NASA and leading universities
  • Mission is to continue bringing innovative graphene-based products to high-value markets
  • Focused on developing graphene-advanced air purification solutions and integrating the acquisition of GX Technologies
  • Valuable IP portfolio: 5 patents granted; 4 patent applications filed
  • Deep understanding of graphene technology based on decades of team experience
  • Premium research lab and scalable production facility

Company Overview

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    Existing & Historical Customer Base

    Leading R&D departments of large commercial organizations and research laboratories, who have prequalified the high standard of product from G6 Materials

    Recent Highlights

    September 2021

    G6 Materials reports record financial results for the 2021 fiscal year, featuring 110% growth in revenue for the year-ended May 31, 2021

    September 2021

    G6 Materials announces that its air purifier prototype reduces pathogenic microorganisms by 99.9% in Antimicrobial Efficacy Test

    August 2021

    G6 Materials closes previously announced of GX Technologies

    May 2021

    G6 Materials announces granting of 2 patents by USPTO, bringing its total to 5 granted patents

    April 2021

    G6 Materials records strong 3Q21 financial results, featuring 276% revenue growth for the nine-month period ending February 28, 2021

    April 2021

    G6 Materials announces successful closing of $5.4 million non-brokered equity financing

      Business Model

      Identify customer needs and opportunities in the market for graphene-based solutions
      Use industry-leading expertise through research and development to create better solutions with improved performance
      Verify, test and analyze new product performance to mitigate risks and maximize customer satisfaction
      Scale-up manufacturing and deliver products to industrial partners and/or end consumers
      Additionally, monetize IP through manufacturing contracts, licensing arrangements, royalty structures or their outright sale