Improving Indoor Air Quality

In 2020, the need for clean indoor air became vital. While various air purifiers are available commercially, these systems have severe limitations as they do not provide effective air filtration for submicron pathogens that are likely to cause health problems. Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic and, locally, the wildfires on the US west coast have resulted in an unprecedented surge in demand for better air purification systems. To address this market demand, G6 Materials Corp is developing a unique proprietary filtration system that eliminates not only fine particles such as dust and pollen but also volatile organic compounds and pathogenic microorganisms like fungal spores, bacteria, and viruses. Learn More

Graphene for Advanced Composites

For Business

The remarkable properties of graphene, which include its unprecedented mechanical strength and electrical conductivity, could be used to improve the performance of common industrial materials.

For Daily Life

Graphene-enhanced materials have the potential to significantly improve the quality of things we regularly use, including but not limited to, sports equipment, apparel, and computers, thereby enhancing the quality of our everyday lives.

In The Air

Graphene improves materials used in the aviation and UAV industries by making drones and airplanes stronger, lighter, and more resilient. It enhances aircraft performance and lowers fuel costs, which are significant improvements.

At Sea

Graphene additives could potentially make materials in the marine industry more robust, lighter, and resistant to seawater corrosion. It would extend the service life of boats, cargo/container ships, tankers, and high-performance yachts.

On Land

The migration toward electric vehicles requires more widespread use of light and durable composite materials. Improving composites with graphene additives could be a keystone for such revolutionary change.

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