Organic Chemicals

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Overall, production quantities can be varied from grams to multiple kilograms.

Worldwide Supplier of Organic Chemicals

ChemApproach™ is a worldwide supplier of a wide variety of chemical building blocks to research facilities in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and biotechnological industries, as well as to academic institutions and leading technology companies. It offers customers many substituted aromatic and heterocyclic compounds and many supplied molecules, for example, can be further synthesized as medicinally relevant drug candidates

Organic Molecules with an Extensive Range of Applications

ChemApproach™’s main expertise falls in the introduction of disparate substituents to aromatic rings, a comprehensive array of functional group transformations and the selective incorporation of halogens into organic molecules, particularly iodine. These classes of organic molecules have an extensive range of applications in drug-design, biochemistry, polymer chemistry, electronics, and energy.