Our Facility

The company’s headquarters are located at 760 Koehler Avenue, Ronkonkoma, State of New York. This 8,000 sq. ft. facility is situated in a tech park near Long Island MacArthur Airport approximately 45 miles East of New York City. The facility has ample office and R&D space, as well as over 4,000 sq. ft. of production and warehouse space. Our facility is equipped with a wet lab for graphene wafer processing and a reaction chamber for graphene oxide production. Our composite R&D center hosts twin and single screw extruders and various resin mixing equipment.

Analytical Laboratory

The research team of G6 Materials Corp. operates a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory, developing and testing the quality of materials. In this laboratory, we perform the certification of the raw materials used for production, as well as quality testing for the end-product formulations.


The in-house analytical capabilities include:

  1. Rheology measurement station
  2. Four-probe conductivity measurement equipment
  3. Universal Test Station for evaluation of materials’ mechanical performance
  4. Raman spectroscopy
  5. Optical microscopy

Manufacturing Plant

The Company has a 4,000 sq ft manufacturing floor dedicated to graphene production, as well as the pilot-scale manufacturing of graphene masterbatches, additives, and composites. The manufacturing facility is used for safe and efficient processing of graphene and daily production of the Company’s products. The Company works closely with customers and business partners to provide them with materials tailored to their needs on an as-needed basis.